Random WOW: ' Scariest Gremlin '

Welcome to The World of WOWs!

The World of WOWs is a collection of records and facts like no other.
Is it interesting? Is it unique? It's WOW-worthy!

Who is the tallest person in the world? What is the highest mountain?
Is it Mount Everest? It's Mount Everest, isn't it? Where is Mount Everest?

Shut up about Mount Everest! Mount Everest is associated with no WOWs!

Records such as those belong in other, more traditional record compilations: the type that concern themselves solely with facts, and with proof.
Facts and proof have a place in The World of WOWs, but a place situated squarely alongside that of non-existent and entirely imaginary records!

Yes, The World of WOWs is the sole repository that holds the un-provable and theoretical in equal esteem to physical, tangible achievements. Whatever your WOW is, will, or might be, it has a place right here!

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The WOWs Continue!
So I've cleared out the backlog of WOWs that had built up, and that's pushed us over the 600 count. WOW indeed! Also, I've put up a new poll. Any Batman fans out there, get those votes in quickly!

WOWs: The Future!
How often have you visited this amazing website using your mobile phone? If your answer is all the time, but I can't read it, you're in luck!
I am hereby announcing that work will shortly be underway to redesign the site using a modern technology known as Notepad. I don't know how long it will take, but once complete, the site will so arm-breakingly futuristic, it'll be full of Terminators and Robocops!

Welcome Back!
Welcome back to the World of WOWs! Of course, I'm talking to myself. I've been away for far too long. I'm somewhat amazed to see that most of the site is still working. Twitter seems to have broken slightly though.
Bloody typical.

WOWs on Twitter
The mysterious Twitter website seems to be all the rage nowadays, so if you're into that, you can now follow the latest WOW additions on The World of WOWs' very own Twitter page: http://twitter.com/worldofwows!

Roast Survey
The scariest insect vote is now closed. Want to know who won? Check out the WOW!
Want to influence another upcoming WOW - the best roast meat? So go ahead and vote, you idiot.


WOW Survey